The ART + FOLK project aims to make our artist community more accessible to the general public.  It is thought as an outreach project and the intention is to become a resource to both the artistic community (artists, institutions, galleries, artist run spaces, collectives, etc) and to the people that would like to get closer or are looking to buy art, but find the art scene either intimidating or difficult to navigate.

Even though ART + FOLK’s purpose isn’t to speculate on who should be invested on, it is an aim to create a collector base in Bergen and for that to happen, the art community needs to be more accessible.  I believe this project can be a way of opening up this communication and accessibility.

I see ART + FOLK as a long term project that will settle into the community and that will function because of its collaborative nature.  

ART + FOLK will mainly function as a blog that will be released in the course of 2017.  On the blog, I will interview and introduce  local visual artists and different people that make Bergen the vibrant and rich art city it is.  Stay tuned!

ART + FOLK will introduce several ideas in the coming months as to how it aims to reach out to people, but the first of its collaborations will be on the event KUNSTMARKED during this years B-Open.

KUNSTMARKED will be a gathering of local professional artists showing work that will be for sale.  The market concept aims to step away from the white cube and into a more relaxed and open environment where people can look, enjoy and buy.  The artworks displayed will have a sale value no higher than 5000 NOK.  The reason for this price limit is to show that there is high quality art that at an affordable price.  That will give a chance to potential buyers that wouldn’t normally stretch their budget into the art market, to maybe take a chance.

KUNSTMARKED is a collaboration between ART + FOLK, B-Open and

ART + FOLK is run by Daniela Ramos Arias, Costa Rican artist and independent producer living and working in Bergen and has the support of Bergen Kommune and Kulturrådet.


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